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The advantages of being a member is that you will save money and still get the best of the clubs services.

The Animal Country Club wants to offer your pet a life time of quality pet care at an affordable price.

When You Join Your all of your pets join The Animal Country Club, Your pet locks its cost for Boarding & Grooming for life. Members as long as they remain current in their membership are allowed to add as many new pets to the Club as they want but the new pets are restricted to a rate that is no more than 5% of the Current non member Animal Country Club Rates.

When you become a member Your Pets Boarding & Grooming costs will not go up ever as long as you are a member.

The Membership idea originated from the owner realized that the Boarding and Grooming competitors had started offering super deals that where not in the Pet owners best interest. The focus has always been on the best care of the animals for the best Price.

So Animal Country Club decided to offer Valued Customers the opportunity and benefit from being a member to their community. The Result was Members can keep their price the same for the life of their pet.

Of course their some rules and exceptions to the lifetime locked price across the board low prices for your pet.
If your Membership Lapses you have to join at the prices of when you renew your membership.
If you have neglected you pet and the Animal Country Club has Owner Care issues for their pet. Their will be additional charges for a strip hair cut or other treatments.

Membership Privileges:
Members are afforded the curtsy of getting services at the same price for their specific pet from the first time they came in with that members pet. You get all your pets services (Grooming, Boarding, Obedience) at the low price from when you join the (Club)

Membership includes:
Priority Reservations for:
Obedience Classes

$10 Annual Memberships Fee

Get laminated card with your pet's photo!